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GPS/Audio Integration Adapter Cable
Indian® and Victory® Motorcycles

Want to hear your Garmin Zumo GPS turn-by-turn navigation, Sirius/XM Radio, or other audio device over your motorcycle speakers? This clever little adapter mates your existing GPS cradle harness to the motorcycle's audio system. Why purchase an expensive cradle just to get the proper connectivity when you already paid for a cradle when you bought your Zumo? This is a Plug-and-Play device that requires no cutting, splicing or changing of your motorcycles factory wires or connectors.

Applications include: Garmin Zumo 500/550, 590, 660, 665, Sirius/XM stand-alone radios with 3.5mm audio out jack and any other audio device with a 3.5mm audio out jack.

The adapter for the Zumo 500/550, Sirius/XM Radio or other audio device with 3.5mm audio out comes with a required audio extension cable.

The video below demonstrates how to find the Audio Integration Connector on 2014-2016 Indian® Roadmaster™ and Chieftain® Models.

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Please make sure you know how to locate the audio interface connector on your motorcycle.

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Installation Adapter Kit
Polk Audio DB-521 Speakers
Indian® Chieftain® and Roadmaster™

Adapter Kit for Polk Audio DB-521 Speakers
Indian Chieftain/Roadmaster

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