Below are some examples of the Styles and Finishes available that you can choose to adorn your fender.

**** CHROME Arrowheads are Out of Stock - We are searching for a new chroming company ****

Be sure to select the Style, Finish and Medallion when placing your order.
Want something different? Let us know and we will give you a quote for a customized finish.

Extra/Replacement Medallion

Metal / Accent Color

Chrome Plated
Chrome Plated*
****** Out of Stock - Orders can not be filled at this time for Chrome ******

Chrome Plated for the ultimate shine and durability. Shown with the "America's Finest" medallion in silver metal with dark red accent.

$99.95 plus S&H
*2014 and up Indian Motorcycles only
"Old Penny" Copper Plated*

This Arrowhead is very special. It has a real copper plating and starts out as shiny as a new penny. It then gets dipped in a solution that turns the copper black. Careful hand polishing while leaving some of the blackened copper brings about that "Old Penny" look.
The Arrowhead is left untreated for that ultimate customization. It will patina over time but can be quickly brightened to the desire finish with a small drop of copper polish and a rag.

$110.95 plus S&H
*2014 and up Indian Motorcycles only

Polished Pewter Finish

Polished to resemble chrome. Shown with "America's Finest" medallion in silver medal with Dark Red accent.

$60 plus S&H

Black and Gold Finish

Arrowhead is sprayed with Gloss Black paint. Gold Leaf paint is then hand brushed on using light strokes to complete and "antique" effect.

$60 plus S&H
Gold Leaf Finish

This Gold Leaf paint closely resembles the same Gold Leaf paint used on the Indian Head Gas Tank Badge on some Indians.

$50 plus S&H
Gloss Black Finish

This Gloss Black looks great against an Indian Red fender or a brown leather fender bib.

$50 plus S&H
Distressed Gloss Black Finish

This Arrowhead begins as a gloss black then is distressed to highlight the ridges. It creates a nice contrast against a black fender of fender bib.
$60 plus S&H
Hammered Copper Finish

The Hammered Copper paint on this Arrowhead looks amazing in the sunlight. Shown with copper pennies of various patinas for color comparison.
$60 plus S&H

This Arrowhead starts out as Gloss Black then is dusted with Gold Leaf. It looks dark in the shade but shimmers gold in the sunlight.
$60 plus S&H
Black & Antique Metallic Copper

Gloss Black with a healthy dose of Antique Metallic Copper. Unique and beautiful.
$60 plus S&H

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