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At Dave T. Pilot Creative Innovations, LLC we strive to produce high quality custom designed products. We are focused on finding that "niche" product not readily available elsewhere.

Our Native American inspired solid pewter Arrowhead Seat Bolt Covers are hand made to adorn your Spirit Lake manufactured Indian® Chief®/Chieftain® or Scout™ motorcycle. Even Roadmaster™ owners whose daily riding does not require the trunk have adorned their fender with this Seat Bolt Cover.

Gilroy and King's Mountain era motorcycles can now be fitted as well! (Seat Bolt size verification may be needed.)

This is NOT some low quality trinket mass produced in China. It is hand made, in America by Americans using the finest of materials.

The Stainless steel bolt is a direct replacement for the stock seat bolt. Simply remove the stock bolt and install the Arrowhead Seat Bolt Cover. The medallion is attached with a very strong neodymium magnet that has proven to reliably hold the medallion in place for thousands of riding miles. It covers the seat bolt access hole and finishes the look for the Seat Bolt Cover.

The Arrowhead Seat Bolt Cover looks great with or without the passenger seat installed. It also fits with the stock passenger backrest installed.

Due to high demand, we are currently building the Arrowhead Seat Bolt Covers to order.

Click on the Order Form link above to order yours today. No payment is due at this time. We will send you an invoice when your order is ready to ship.

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